Unity.... Resolve.. Results...

Freedom... Its what the USA is supposed to be about!

The United Independents Party exists to give you a fresh chance at freedom.  We will work to knock down the barriers to your freedom, opportunity, and a more peaceful world.


United By A Common Goal

If you are politically independent, and you share the goals of Freedom, Prosperity and Peace... The United Independents Party has a place for you.

Get Involved

When people are united and working together for a goal, there is no stopping us! We look forward to working with you to re-create a United States of America that lets you live your life in peace, while offering you a level playing field with opportunities for your success that are based on your degree of effort and ingenuity!


Your contribution goes toward re-building a USA that lets you live your life in peace, removes barriers to your success, and allows real freedom... not just the perception of freedom.

United for Peace & Prosperity