What we stand for…




We the members of the United Independents Party (also referred to as the Party or the UIP) have made a commitment to working for the implementation of common sense with respect to government.  We notice that the actions of other political parties have either been against the interests of their stated goals, corrupt, or self-defeating.  We share a vision for the United States of America in kind with the vision of the founding fathers of this great nation.  We believe in goodness and decency as inherent to the common person.  We believe that the creation of laws which define criminal behavior must be made sparingly, and only when the offending activity creates a victim.

The goal of the United Independents Party is to scale back the size and scope of government, and for all to enjoy the liberty endowed by the founding fathers.  We see that government has become an albatross around the necks of the people, who are constitutionally charged with stewardship of government.  Government has increased its income from the people; and with that income has chosen to build an infrastructure that is damaging to the people paying for it with funds that the people never consented to pay.  We believe that the ability for people to earn their keep and keep what they earn is a key to the American Dream.

The United Independents Party believes that back to basics is the appropriate way to fix what ails us, and we believe that government in its current form ails us all.  The United Independents Party has the goal of electing our members to political offices throughout the landscape of the USA.  Once in office, our members will work diligently within the system created by the constitution for actual self-rule.  We will work to dismantle political cronyism, remove laws which create crimes which result in no victim, build friendly economic relationships with all countries of the world without any entangling military alliances, remove the financial burden required of the people to pay for government entities which hurt them, remove laws and regulations which hamper the ability for the people to help the disadvantaged, and promote freedom of the individual in all ways that do not encroach on the freedom of other people.


It is important to remember that when seeking revolutionary changes in bringing responsibility back to government structure that elected officials must abide by the rules set forth in the Constitution. The United Independents Party seeks to work within these parameters.


The UIP believes that a free market creates a landscape of innovation and a more balanced economy in the long run.  The UIP seeks to incorporate common sense solutions that people can unite under in achieving this reality.

Plank 1.01 Budget:  

The UIP believes that not only is government spending out of control, but not in line with the powers granted to the Federal Government as outlined in the Constitution.  It is for these reasons that the UIP calls for a balanced budget with reduced spending.

Plank 1.02 Spending:  

We favor a policy of eliminating spending via automatic renewal. We do not favor new spending put in action via agencies or governments which do not require renewal through Congressional legislation at regular intervals.

Plank 1.03 Regulatory Agencies:  

We believe that many of the Federal Agencies now operating under the Executive Offices and creating regulations for the everyday taxpayer without the vote of the Representatives by the people to be a form of “taxation without representation” and we believe that requiring an audit and review of these agencies’ actions periodically will lead to the gradual end to unneeded activities.

Plank 1.04 Taxes:  

The assessment of taxes must be done sparingly, and only when absolutely necessary.  Due to the UIP seeking a balanced budget and reduction in spending the UIP believes we can also simplify the tax system.  We furthermore believe the government should find more voluntary means of supporting services that are not listed as powers given to Congress in the Constitution.

Plank 1.05- Monetary Policy:  

We believe that the activities of a privately held facility which controls interest rates and money supply is counterproductive to the best interests of the public.  We advocate for the audit and phasing out of the Federal Reserve; and allowing for more local and free market based banking.

Plank 1.06 Free Market:  

We do not support laws which are protectionist toward existing players in a given industry.  Laws which exist for the benefit of restricting competition must be repealed.  Cronyism must no longer be the law of the land.

Plank 1.07 Earned Benefits:  

We view benefits as something earned. These include, but are not limited to, Social Security, Promised Retirement Pay for Employees and Military, and Medicare. People have been forced to pay a portion of their income into Social Security and Medicare throughout their lifetimes, employees and military personnel gave years of service; and expect to receive the benefits promised for which they paid into with their income or time. They should be included as part of the federal budget not used or decreased as a means to balance the budget.

Plank 1.08 Social Regulations

Social issues are ever changing, and while many are addressed politically, the UIP finds it more prudent and in the spirit of the purpose of our nation to leave disputed matters of the home and of personal health out of the political process.



Per the Constitution, government exists to protect the rights of the individual including the right to life, liberty, and property. Laws reflecting these duties should be limited to where a person has been victimized through force or fraud, or actions that cause significant harm as any individual who violates the rights of another should be held liable.

Plank 2.01 Criminal Justice:  

A crime has been committed when a person has been intentionally victimized.   Any personal choice which does not cause harm to another must not be classified as a crime.  Certain activities which increase the risk of harming others may have financial penalties but not necessarily the loss of liberty.

Plank 2.02 Drug Policy: 

We recognize that the war on drugs was a miserable failure, which left tens of millions of unnecessary victims in its wake.  We recognize that the abuse of dangerous substances is a serious problem in the United States of America, and we advocate for the removal of the criminal classification for possession and use of illicit drugs, and the proper reclassification of these activities as the medical and behavioral health problem that they really are.

Plank 2.03 Tort Reform:  

The justice system has been used as a tool to unfairly manipulate, extort and damage other persons and entities with no risk to the aggressor.  We believe that fraudulent or exaggerated lawsuits do create victims. Tort reform is necessary to discourage fraudulent legal claims.

Plank 2.04 Conflict of Interest:  

No government entity should receive the financial benefit of fines, forfeitures, or penalties of any kind.  A qualified charity may receive payment of fines, forfeitures, or penalties in full satisfaction of the assessment.  Enforcement free of financial conflict of interest is more judicious enforcement.


While it is in the best interest of the United States of America to encourage the help of foreign nations-in-need, it is imperative that the government avoid foreign entanglements as they can affect relations with other nations. Our foreign policy should emphasize peaceful interactions with foreign nations and only seek to defend against attack from abroad.


Plank 3.01 Common defense:  

We believe the military is necessary to provide for the common defense. We believe that utilization of the latest technology and training techniques are imperative as a defense and deterrent to attack.  We do not believe that involvement in foreign conflicts is in the best interests of the United States of America.  The military branches must only be used for national defense.

Plank 3.02 Immigration:  

We believe that our immigration system is too cumbersome, and its very nature creates criminals.  We intend to implement a simpler more efficient system to foster legal immigration and visitation that enhances security and discourages use of public benefits in which no cost was shared by the recipient.

Plank 3.03 Trade

Though we favor free trade with other nations we understand that different laws and regulations of other countries can affect cronyism through government involvement. We therefore advocate for true free trade contracts absent of government subsidies.


The Constitution is the basis from which all governance is derived in the United States of America. It is only changed by the will of the people via constitutional amendments. The United Independents Party affirms the role of the Constitution of the United States of America, including the Bill of Rights in the lives of the American people.

Plank 4.01 First Amendment: 

We strongly support all provisions of the first amendment to the constitution.  The very existence of the freedom of speech eliminates all requirements for government censorship.  Religion is a personal choice and must not be infringed upon by government. Having the freedom to associate and dissociate from those we choose as individuals is paramount according to the first amendment. Living our lives as we see fit without infringing on others rights to do the same is the foundation of this country.

Plank 4.02 Second Amendment: 

The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental individual civil right. Individuals have the right to defend themselves and their loved ones.

Plank 4.03 Fourth Amendment: 

We strongly disavow attempts to use fear in concert with the removal of individual rights and privacy. We require strict adherence to the fourth Amendment to the Constitution.

Plank 4.04 Ninth & Tenth Amendments: 

We strongly support the protections which reserve rights and powers not granted to the federal government by the constitution to the people and their states.

Plank 4.05 Elections: 

We support election systems that are more representative of the electorate at the federal, state and local levels. We advocate a review of current election laws in order to give the voter the voice they are entitled to.


The United Independents Party believes that peace is a vital key to individual prosperity.  If enemies are not created, less will exist.  If government is less intrusive, more people will be happy and able to succeed. While some government is and always will be necessary, today’s government makes people helpless, hopeless and unable to live to their potential.  To reset the activities of our nation back to the vision of the founding fathers, and paying heed to their warnings which our nation has all but ignored over the last century would revitalize our population and once again release the American ingenuity that has been stifled due to the actions of government.  Our nation was created in liberty and we are enjoined in the goal of letting life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness once again exist on the forefront of the American Experience.